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NCCCFA Opening Keynote

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On 2/23/19 at 9:30am, I attended the North Carolina Community College Fine Arts Conference Session Opening Keynote at the Norvell Theater in Salisbury, NC presented by Jenn Selby of Rowan Cabarrus Community College


Jenn Selby 9:30am Norvell Theater.

This is the 6th year of the conference that started with 20 people. In last year, 120 faculty and opened up to graphic design, and now we’re rolling with 210+ people. 5 independent college, 7 unc, 25+ Community colleges. We also have 2 art museums, and 2 art guilds present at the conference.

About this year, several new members involved, almost 50%. This year its also the biggest number of sessions, 2 locations are required, 4 spaces for the 2 days and they are filled. The keynote speaker came from California (speaking at 11) and he bought his own ticket to be here. This is our first set of sponsors area.

They pointed out the board, pointing out the board members and acknowledged their volunteer efforts. They also pointed out the student volunteers and students who bent over backwards to make this event happen. Each event takes about a year to plan and activate, so the foundation at RCCC (rowan Cabarrus community college) are a critical portion of the puzzle. Security, IT, graphic Design, all came from the college and the visitors bureau has also been supportive I the process of completing this festival.

Jenn Selby then recognized 2 individuals essential to the cause: Carter Wingfield, Graphic Design professional at the college who creates the materials for this year in and out. Carter received a Certificate of Appreciation for his time and efforts. Jillian Sturdivant. She is an administrative assistant who is behind the actions and availability of the tasks required for this event. She also received a Certification of Appreciation.


Ground Rules

Phones on silent

Secret passageways to the other theatre. Don’t touch. We all want to touch the props and wear  the crown. Be mindful of your voices so you don’t interrupt any actors.

Lunch Groups. It is raining. Lunch groups are a great way to visit topics. There are way too many graphic design people as 10 is the max. They’ll work to find solutions.

System updates will be covered by Jenn Selby.

Poster sessions will be covered by Lyndsay. Please see her if you have questions

Grievous Gallery will be open this evening. Take the trolley and be prepped to leave and arrive on time. Ride the trolley, its fun. There will be pretty heavy food and beverages. We will be smashing and breaking things. The red ticket gives you a free smash

We also received an invitation from Methodist- a spiritual organ recital this evening. It will be 5 steps from the grievous gallery. It is an open and collaborative space, so please come!

Closing session will be about next year and you don’t want to miss it.


The system office needs them to reinforce that the permanent collection needs to be increased. Jenn Urged us to participate and provide materials to be on display for the NC System Office

Mr. Burger, the marketing and gallery director of the Craven Art Gallery in New Bern, NC. The creative work force exhibit centered on 8 schools and student programs. He was approached at the event, and he thought how he could highlight the role of CC in the art community. In school you may not know that your math teacher was a mathematician, but your art and music teachers were always active artists. Mr. Burger will have a poster session for 2020 artistic even and he’d like as many people to participate as possible. He is also accepting 2020 proposals for art shows and will be reviewing that in summer 2019.

John Williams works in the Fine arts department and he’d like to see us enjoy ourselves.