Open Source Applied – Real World Use Cases

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On 10/27/18 at 3:45pm, I attended the All Things Open Conference Session : Open Source Applied – Real World Use Cases at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC presented by Justin Reock, of Rogue Wave Software.

Open Source Applied – Real World Use Cases

This talk began as a webinar. As time has gone on, more Use Cases have been added with real code. So I guess we could say that these examples are the community additions. Several particular projects and technologies and companies were shown here are about how Rogue Wave has helped companies make a full business model out of providing free open source software.

OSS (Open Source Software) is everywhere.  In fact, his first OSS shirt was from microsoft. In the same year that he received that shirt, Steve Jobs said open source software would kill innovation. The microsoft hope was that everyone using the materials would be able to increase its usability and make it the market leader. The Apple context was that clones were dead weight. Steve Jobs saw open source software as the open-door policy for companies to copy one another without innovating, creating a vanilla world with everything the same.

With Open Source, there are no barriers to the content and market. How are people using this and how are they benefiting from it? Numbers show us that many company are building with it, releasing it, and most importantly building off of it and improving upon it.


This guy was incredibly knowledgeable. He was a little fast in his talk though. He noted that he only had 45 minutes to discuss his information, and apparently this was a 1hr talk  🙂

On a personal note, It was interesting to see how many MAC computers were at this conference, and there were certainly tons in this room.

Did I gain as much from this as I could have? Not really, but I wan’t knowledgeable enough to take advantage. This was a very high-level talk and well above my intellectual ken. Justin Reock knew a great deal of the specifics of these objects.

Here’s an example:

Question: “Based on your client example, how portable is this solution?”

Answer “HOw portable? It was a fulfillment warehouse using CAMEL components that were baked into activeMQ and servelts for encapsulating date, so Yes, very portable.”

Well out of my territory. Perhaps you understood it, but sometimes I’m just not brilliant enough for my own plans.