How To Teach Graphic Design Online

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On March 9th 2016, I Presented to the NCCIA at 10:30am with Carla Osborne, MA and Julie Evans, Instructors of Advertising & Graphic Design at Wake Technical Community College, in RM235 in the 600 building at Rowan Cabarrus Community College in Salisbury, NC.

Tyler Dockery, MAEd, Assistant Professor of Advertising & Graphic Design, Julie Evans, and Carla Osborne, MA present at the 2016 NCCIA Conference in Salisbury, NC
Tyler Dockery, MAEd, Assistant Professor of Advertising & Graphic Design, Julie Evans, and Carla Osborne, MA present at the 2016 NCCIA Conference in Salisbury, NC




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This session was set to be a slight scary one, but the attendees were nice, ready to ask and answer questions, and open to taking notes. Tee experience was very, very positive one. I believe we’ll be doing this again, and I find that these situations seem stressful on the outside, but once you begin… its just as easy as it could be.

This conference opened the door for me.I look forward to presenting more in the future.



Town Hall Forum with Doctor Scott

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At an 8:25am session in the Wake Tech Spring Faculty Professional Development Conference held at the Health Sciences Campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, Keynote speaker Steve Piscitelli spoke to a packed faculty audience about Reflective Practices in Teaching.


8:25am, March 3rd 2016

  1. Bond Vote
  2. Short Session – State Budget
  3. Budget priorities
  4. county budgert or bond
  6. applied benchmarking
  7. out reach for accounting business analtics
  8. grads
  9. QUestions

Dr. Scott’s objectives are to discuss the state of the college and see what’s on OUR minds.


N&O says that the bond vot looks goo,d but… You will have t otake all of nothing. Why is there no tax increase on the bond vote? they have paid off earlier bonds, so $ on previous bonds can be now used for these bonds. Everyone get out and vote.

Dr. Scott does not endorse any presidential candidates at this time 🙂

State legislature will not have a special session on state of the bathrooms (trans-gender bathrooms). Many will want to get campainging, so wont act in the short session. Raises are possible, but only after raises are given to the public schools.

In last year’s budget, $10 million were put in for community college plan but put in faculty rank and compensation

state budget

No new initiatives

budget priorities

attachment FC 4

Budget strategy1: improve student completion rates by investing in student supports (tutoring labs, supplemental instruactions, etc.).

recommendations: no new appropriateion required.
-retian budget fund that would be cut due to FTE enrollment level
-use those to restore $25mil of $59mil the management flexibility cut. (any number in here, consider 8% and that’s wake tech)
-direct that colleges use these monies to fund locally-dteremined student supports that promote sutdnet completeion

Research shows that sutdnets who successfully complete college-level “Gateway” english and math are more likely to complatete a credential – as they

Budget strategy2
-provide a 3% increase to employeese. This would help NC possibly surpass the average salary in SC.
-averate salary is $47,400 equals only 90% and 81% of the SREB and national averages respectfully, per the 2015 SREB fact book.

budget 3
close the interest gap. increase enrolliment in key cc profframs by promoting studetns and family awareness of north carolina workforce needs and career paths.
-appropriate #2m to promote public awareness
-appropriate 15m NR to ensure students are trained on up-to-date equipment and in modern facilities.

student arer unaware of middle-skill” job opportunities and career paths
misconsptions are prevalent about the working condingiton in key industries, such as manufacture
prinvat foucations fun may mathc support o

Support development of compettency-based education (CBE) programs and a unifrom system for granting credit fro prior learning.
recommendation: $500,00 NR
the greatest inefficiency in education is requireing students to repeat material they’ve learned.
the CBE incubator – collaborative effort of partner colleges, the system office, and national , SME is developing models for scaling this system-wide
NCCCS and UNC-GA are partnering to develop an easily accessible, student-focused protfal that includes info about he credits that a sevice member or veteran may receive in certificatioe, diploma or degree programs at NCCCS and UNC

THE FUTURE: cannot control it or predict it, but I can work with it, and control my classrooms. instead of being funded on seat time, we’re funded on completions. This could be those who start in fall and start again in spring. Or X hours within a certain number of years.

A few years ago, we broke the top 100 colleges in US for credentials. In large, 2-year colleges, we have moved down to #66 with 10,000 FTE completed.

Structural Budget Issues

System office staffing $134,364
FUnds to support new multi-campus college locations: $1,035,832
UNbudgeted recurring IT maintenance and service costs $470,528
Give colleges the flexibility within their existing budget availability.

A 1% raise for 1200 employees costs us $1 million.


YOu will not be voting on light rail. You will be voting on busses. public schools and community college are campaighnign for public funds. We don’t know if we will get on the ballot, both on the ballot, or no one on the ballot. They are discussing smoothing the bond, every year over time. Once you discuss what the public schools need and the college needs, the numbers get quire large. If tthe public school gets behind, they may borrow money without a bond vote, incurrring a .25% to .5% increase

Best guess today, is that there may be a bond with both schools together. Our smooth amount is $2 million over a 5 year period. Public schools have a huge number of modulars and need money


Very excited about EPIC. We go all around the county telling people about EPIC. EPIC is not just for online learning, as the skills can transfer to seated classes.

applied benchmarking

We continue to be recognized for our process of continuous improvement. WE start off by empowering employees to create processes to change what we need. Take the budget and find the best out there. FInd soultions to issues. You have professional colleagues from other campuses. If you want to make a change, you are empowered to change it.

Do not approach Dr. Scott directly. Find the others on campus who feel the way you feel. Its a process. Rather than ripping up something which works (poorly), get together with those who are already doing this work. help to solve the problem together. Dr. Scott will not be here forever, but he wants to empower the faculty to make changes within the college, programs, departments, campuses, etc. There had been issues in the past with inter-departmental issues being solved without discussion


WE run into the bachellor’s degree problem. OUt tech graduates have more technical skills than 4-year graduates. Its been a problem for at least 50 years. COngrats to accounting and business analytics.



540 will run right down to McCullers. WE are trying to acquire properties south of us to allow additional entries. Several entrances will be closed to main campus once 540 rolls down.

Express thankfulness for current raise

We’ve had growth, and initiatives based on growth within the applied benchmarking. Groups choosing to come together to improve things bring us all closer together. What are each group doing to

Is administration open to a compensation strategy for faculty?

Classification compensation study. Recommended a banding system. within each band, there are differences. Bands within faculty is based around legislature and by degree. Faculty rank allows banding within the masters degree level with percentages.

Faculty initiative 2017 seems that 150,000 costs will be set. We will then be using a much more paring system (cutting down)

BS nursing degree

Long Story Short: Gone for a while. Dr.Scott is continuing to work toward this system. Why? A generic bachelor and cc associates degree difference is only 4 courses. Gen Ed is more, but we already have those staff memebers. We know we have the parts covered. Let’s look at the NUR courses. THere are no cccccc courses. They are administration, etc. courses. There are colleges online which offer nursing courses online which are SACS approved but have not take taught those in the past. So why can’t we?

Institutional bias? elitism? Hospital administrative staff are on our sides. State board voted 11 to 7 against. The proposal was not to offer it, it was only to hire a consultant to come in and tell us if we could even SEE if we need to offer the program.

What are some brief ideas on how to change classes here to prepare students for a changing world?

Never quit working and try anything. Find a cohort of studetns who are working transdicsciplinely