The Wake Tech Way: Benchmarking For Improvement

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The Wake Tech Way was a presentation given by Dr. Stephen Scott and Benita Clark. During the presentation, Dr. Scott made something very clear: Benchmarking is a core component of the Wake Tech Way.

In this session, I learned why this innovation is important to the future and growth of Wake Tech. Wake Tech strives to be number 1. On some lists, our programs and our school as a whole ranks in the top 150 colleges in the United States. We aim to be the number one community college in North Carolina, but we cannot achieve this by doing what we have always done.

It is only through improvement, understanding, and innovation that we can fully rise to the top. As such, Dr. Stephen Scott and Benita Clark discussed our newest facet of the Wake Tech program: Benchmarking.

Within each department, teachers are requested to find one area of their classes and behaviors that could use improvement. For this item, each member should contact one or more sources within the state to discuss the procedures and issues they are facing. Sources should be identified based upon personal knowledge, online lists, awards, test cases, or other sources of recognition. Information should be gathered about how that institution solves their problems, and make suggestions as to how we can improve our situation here. Teachers should further prepare plans on improvement within their classes.

Once written, these reports should be given to your supervisors, along with notes about how you plan to implement these changes in your classroom. Supervisors will watch your applied benchmarking choices and see if there might be room for improvement across multiple classes or multiple disciplines.

While this is completely voluntary, it is highly recommended. I believe that I will be undertaking this activity, and I’m interested in seeing how this will work out.