Susanne Mistric

Introduction to Accessibility

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Introduction to Accessibility was preseted by Katherine Bennett, Susanne Mistric, Serena Reavis, and Patrick Tribble.
This multi-week online course provided a basic overview of accessibility principles and practices required for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act /Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legal compliance.

Specific accessibility guidelines were  introduced to me in the areas of core accessibility concepts, accessible documents, accessible presentations, accessible multimedia, and accessible Blackboard courses. Resources available to facilitate the creation of accessible course content were also introduced

This course covered a lot of ground quickly. As an institution of higher learning, Wake Tech requires and assurance of compliance with section 508 and ADA law. As such, learning how to make your powerpoints accessible, how to add metadata to documents, and simple things like adding a written web address next to context web links made a lot of sense and could be implemented.

The most worrisome revelation of this group is that videos can no longer be used unless they include Closed captioning (CC) or full transcripts. Further, Closed Captions must be accurate, and NOT the automatically implemented YouTube or Google Closed Caption betas that are used to “wreck a nice beach” (recognize speech). These are not good, and will actually count against us during an internal or external audit.

How-to videos will most likely become a thing of the past, since there is no time or money for course development. It is easier to cut that content and allow students to find out on their own rather than show the videos and risk a lawsuit or internal conference with management.