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HTML5 Certification Achieved!

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I learned HTML initially in East Carolina University (ECU) and University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), emerging in 1994 with a minor smattering of understanding. In 2000, I took classes at the University of Georgia (UGA) to get HTML and CSS firmly under my belt. HTML5 is a new and emerging standard for web designer. Since I teach a little of this, my HTML5 learning has all been self-taught. Getting this certification is a reflection of study and understanding of the newest upgrade to HTML. So, I determined to get my certifications with BrainBench



Graduated from C.E. Jordan High School!

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At 6:00pm On May 5th I attended The Class of 1994 Graduation presented by C.E. Jordan High School at the Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina.

Graduation from C.E. Jordan High School!

Today I graduate from High School. Hooray! I graduated from C.E. Jordan High School in Durham, NC. I have received acceptance letters from East Carolina University ( will open in another window) and University of North Carolina at Greensboro ( will open in a new window). I hope to study Art and someday become a famous photographer!

Tyler Dockery attended C.E. Jordan High School from 1990-1994.