Create Your First eCommerce Business Quickly and Easily

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At 12:05pm on 4/23/2017, Create Your First eCommerce Business Quickly and Easily, presented by Sam ENgland, at the 2017 Wordcamp Conference in Raleigh, NC

Create Your First eCommerce Business Quickly and Easily

WooCommerce is a great system to use online. The goal is to use some great things today.
So, what makes him different? He’s worked with hundreds of companies, and currently running over 30+ successful ecommerce stores. He loves helping people.

Doing things right

He’s only done that by doing a lot of things wrong. Its a learning process.He figured how to organically rank SEO and its easy than you think. I figured how to get his products ranked on the first page of google within minutes. How to build simple product brands that can be sold for big bucks when he’s ready to sell them. You should look to build it up as quick as possible and then sell it off in 2 years.

I guarantee that you will learn some new things about ecommerce than you have never seen before. The fastest reliable manufacturers that want to work with you now, and how to buy the domain name you want even if it exists.

He is using a lot of the sales material approaches like free, simple, easy, show you something I show only to close friends, etc. This is very worrisome if you might think its a hustle. I don’t but I’m wary.


Dropshipping is selling a product for a product supplier. Its also called blind shipping or arbitrage. You have no products, no warehousing, etc. You get everything from the product supplier, images, prices, description.

ECommerce allows you to work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. Choose your own hours. 2 hours a night is 40 hours a month. And you have no boss.

Keys of a successful market

YOu need to make sure your target market has repeat customers. The best customer is the one who already knows you and trust you. Is it a seasonal niche product like Christmas ornaments, Halloween costumes, etc.? If you’re seasonal it might not work all year. COmpetition is good – it shows there is a market.

Avoid product that everyone in the work is trying sell– dont’t try to sell those. and not commidities. COncentrate on more expensive and light weight products- don’t limit your profits! Don’t give up. Free shipping models are good business today. you’ll need to get the ship weight low. Take advantage of the resources that you have on the internet. DOn’t overthink things, keep it simple.

research for product ideas

Look for sold counts and review counts online. See how much they were silling for (to get an idea of pricing). Look into the feedback and criticisim in the reivews to improve the product yourself. If the knife is OK, bundle a PDF or Knife sharpener. Perhaps a knife-sharpening video to go along with the product. See what styles are selling the best. Know what design/style to sell. Know the major players are to get an idea of market size and competition. Use Google Trensds and look at what the searches looked like over the past few years for your products.

There is software for ebay, amazone, alipress, etc. that you put in a keyword and it will return the results. Hot niches are not bad. Collegiate & NFL, cycling, golfing, scuba diving baby infant, etc.

Use “Buy Buttons” at all times. Stay away from things which are returned if you can. the 16,000 product market site was sold, and now his largest product is 300 on a site.

Find reliable manufacturers

Investigate and research your competition. Research trasde shows and merchandise market directories to easily find reliable manufacturers. If you don’t get return contact in 2 days, for get them. Pay attention to details when investigating a potential manufacturer. Don’t use middlemen! Never pay a monthly fee. Find manufacterers who do not sell to the general public.

Remember the finding merchandise is not h e biggest problem you have. Look around the world. BIllions of products are available. A solid manufacter will make every part o fyour ecomerce busienss easier and more profitable. Its a lot easier that you think.

“” “drop ship agreements” “keyword”
“” “drop ship agreements” “keyword”

Customer Service

$20 800 number and a customer contact form. Its well worth it. Put your 1800 number in an image, never an image. Be upfront and honest. Contact your customer immediately if an item is on backorder, or if there is any issue with an order. This is an opportunity to shine, and win repeat business and have customers who will. The their friends = free advertising.

Give the customers a way to provide feedback. Use package inserts to get positive feedback from your loyal customers. We give business cards to the drop shipper with an option, and a sheet to check your order. Always supply tracking numbers to your customers. You will needs to have good understanding of the product. He did not use phone orders because they took too much time, and no guest access because they need to confirm that the right person gets the order.

Listen to your customers. Encourage feedback.

CHoosing Good Domain Names

Always buy relevant keyword rich domain names. Still, stay away from trademarked names. You can get sued. 3-4 words domain names, no hyphens, numbers or abbreviations. .com names only.

Everytime you look for a search and see shopping in the top, there is good competition. Store, online, Center, depot, world, central. Your, DIY, my, best.

No seo, but product names, images, videos if possible. Keep it simple.

how to rank your videos like a ninja

70% get ranked easily. Right click on video. Choose properties. Choose details. Fill in the title, subtitle, rating, tags (keywords) and comments. Do this to put keywords in the video. Hit apply. Add tags!

I will teaching the ins and outs about eCommerce from my 14+ years of running a successful eCommerce business and also how to get started quickly and easily with FREE tools.